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CASC is spreading nationwide!  Apply for your chapter charter today!

Individual chapter pages will be linked here once they are created.


Map of Current Chapters


                        Location                              Commander


Grove City College                            Todd Graber (Supreme Commander)


Purdue University                             Jon Shearer (Webmaster)


Penn State University                    Anup Misra


Carnegie Mellon University       David Ebersole


Hiram College                                      Kris Justice


Ohio State University                      Matt Neifer, Nishil Dalsania


Baldwin-Wallace College            Tim(m) Fijalkovich (XO)


Case Western                                      Chris Dorr

Reserve University


Akron University                                 Steve Mattingly


Toledo University                               Ken Plecha (Military liason)   


University of Colorado                    Anders Solberg

            At Boulder


University of California                 Chris Durr

            Santa Cruz